Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's Read!

The subjects of books and reading have been on my mind lately.  I love books and I love to read!   I am currently reading a wonderful book; "Read For Your Life" by Pat Willams.  The book challenged me to remember why I love to read and love books.

Now, I realize that many people struggle to read and struggle to enjoy books.  Thus I thought it might be beneficial to offer some thoughts about books and reading to begin the new year.

Let's begin with the obvious. You need to read!   People who read are people who make much of their lives.  They don't waste their lives.  Readers are generally more successful, well-balanced, contented, and happier than those who don't read.  You will gain rich benefits for yourself if you read.  In order to do something as important as reading, you must set a goal. Make the goal fit you.  Be reasonable in your expectations.  Maybe you set a goal of one book a month or three books in six months, or one book in twelve months.  But set a goal.

Press yourself.  Don't make the goal too easy.  Set aside time every day to work toward your goal.  You have to be both diliberate and diligent to keep a daily appointment to read.  Find the best time of the day for you to read......but don't wait too late in the day.

Choose a book that interest you.  Pick something that you want to know more about or that will teach you something new. Choose a biography of someone you can emulate.  Choose a book that will make the truths of the Gospel more precious, more applicable, more dear to you. Choose a book that will cause a change in your life such as your time management, money management, or your relationship with your spouse or children.   Choose a topic of history and broaden your understanding of people, cultures, or the world.  Choose a novel to help you temporarily "escape" the pressures and stress of reality.

Whatever you choose, make it a book with substance and not the latest romantic "dime novel". Reading is an experience and the experience begins with a desire to learn and grow as a person.  I know that there are great electronic venues from which to read (I love my Kindle), but for me nothing replaces the look and feel of a book in my hands.

However and whatever you choose to read, make the commitment and just do it.  When you've finished one book, find another and do it again.  And again.  You will be glad you did!

By the way, check out the good books in our church bookstore!   Let's read!

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  1. Finally remembered to read you blog. Bro. Randy encouraged me in reading the "good stuff." I would love to be a "professional reader." Is there such a thing? Can I get paid for it?

    Keep blogging. I like it.