Monday, February 20, 2012

God Inhabits Our Praise

I grew up singing; "Let's just praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord. Let's just lift our hearts to heaven and praise the Lord".  In Psalms 113:1-6 the One to be praised is God.  The participants in praise are the "servants of the Lord".  The praise of the servants is to be prolonged "from this time forth and forevermore."  Finally, the priority of praise is evident because  "the Lord is high above all nations, and His glory above the heavens".

Praise is an important aspect of the Christian life that is often neglected.  We are more inclined to pride, ponder, and pout than to praise.  However, God expects the Christian to praise Him (Heb. 13:15).  Praise can be expressed in many ways.  For example; praise can be expressed in public (Psalm 35:18), with musical instruments (Psalm 33:2-3), in singing (Psalm 92:1), with the mouth (Psalm 34:1), and with all your heart (Psalm 86:12).

In his great book, Touch the World Through Prayer, author Wesley Duewel writes:  "You will be stronger spiritually if you will build praise into your daily walk with the Lord.  You will be healthier physically by making praise a part of your lifestyle.  As you praise worry flees.  Praise drives away frustrations, tension, and depression.  Praise drives out the darkness and turns on God's light.  Praise cleanses the atmosphere of Satan's suggestions of doubt, criticism, and irritation".

We use praise on Sunday mornings, but let us learn to praise the Lord every day!

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